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1. Intro

A few weeks ago, I put up a post about how you can’t fake being an alpha male, and that you have to actually put in the work. I don’t think that I was clear. Putting in the work will build your confidence, but it won’t make you an alpha male, nor will it give you the attitude of one. Let me say this: I have never met a guy with alpha male attitudes in my life that didn’t actually become an alpha male at some point. And when I say alpha male, I mean that he actually ascended to the top of whatever social activity he took part in. I was over a girl’s house a few days ago, and it occurred to me how natural it was for me to ignore her, put her in her place when need be, and control every single interaction we had.

So how does one become a real alpha male?

So how does one become a real alpha male? It’s simple. You knock another alpha off of the top, or at least you consistently try to do so. In almost every single social activity that I’ve taken part in, if I didn’t become one of the alphas, I damn sure tried to secure my position near the top. It is no coincidence that I become one of the top guys at nearly everything I take part in.

Why was this so natural for me?

Why was this so natural for me? Because I am a guy that is just use to being in charge, and my CONSISTENT mannerisms reflected that. You can’t fake it because mature women are very good at sensing authenticity in a man. Is being an alpha male necessary to pick up mature women? No, but that’s not what this post is about. Don’t quote me on this, but I once read that Neil Strauss (Style) had trouble keeping mature women because they would end up leaving him for another man, most likely an alpha male. Why do I mention this? Mature women rarely leave me, and even then, ALL of them come back. In the past 10-12 years, I don’t recall one single girl I dated leaving me and not coming back. Mature women rarely, if ever, leave alpha males without returning to them at least once.

block your way to the top

Also, what do you do when push comes to shove and someone is either trying to make sure you know that you’re below them, or try to block your way to the top? Do you fight back, or do you just shut up and cower down like a dog with it’s tail inbetween it’s legs? To give you an example, let’s look at that fight I got in a couple of months ago. That guy tried to knock me out of my position by openly challenging me with physical harm, and as a result, I beat the living shit out of him to let him know who’s on top. (And note that securing your position as an alpha male isn’t necessarily a physical altercation. I was using it as an example.)

mannerisms and behaviors

Had I walked away or cowered while he was coming at me head on, I would have basically been telling myself that I am OK being pushed around and afraid of another male. In other words, I basically would have succumbed to being a beta male and acknowledged said guys alpha superiority. If that happens enough, then my mannerisms and attitude would reflect that of a beta male. However, if I win enough and continually secure my position as an alpha male, then my mannerisms and behaviors begin to reflect it.

Final Words

Like many other things, if you want mature women to buy it, and you want to convince yourself that you are an alpha male, then you truly must become one. No affirmations, no hypnosis, and no tricking yourself will work (There‘s a reason why it‘s called pseudoscience; they only have TEMPORARY effects.). Stop being afraid to openly challenge alpha males for their position. It’s the only way you will ever become one and adopt their behavior by knowing that you are one of the guys that sits on top.